1. Southern Wedding Themes: The Groom’s Cake. Traditionally, Southern belles would order a single layer of cake for their grooms, which would usually reflect the groom’s particular taste. The groom’s cake is usually frosted a different color than the rest of the cake (often chocolate) and remains a surprise until it is cut.


  2. Traditionally, Southern brides would wear bridal hats and gloves to keep their skin protected from the sun. If you are getting married outdoors on a ranch or a plantation, you should think about wearing these accessories during the ceremony; you can always take them off for the reception.


  3. Another way to incorporate southern wedding traditions is for the bridesmaids to hold parasols during the ceremony.


  4. If you are a guest at the wedding, Southern wedding etiquette highly encourages that no one but the bride wear white.


  5. Serve Southern-themed drinks such as mint juleps, bourbon and whiskey, or sweet tea at the wedding.


  6. Incorporate local flowers into your bouquet, especially magnolias or azaleas during the spring.


  7. Have your linens monogrammed with your initials.