The Top Ten Reasons
Why People Choose Motor Coaches

1.We do the driving.
Leave maps, the congestion, and the parking to us.

YOU can see the sights. A national park should be more than white lines or
bumpers in the rear-view mirror.

3.Sleep if you like.
More space and comfort than on an airplane.

4.Get up and socialize.
Visit with old friends or meet new ones.

5.Enjoy a movie.
Perhaps a full-length feature film, highlights from your team's game, or an
educational video of your destination.

6.Save money.
Luxury, safety and convenience don't have to come at a high price.

7.Door-to-door service.
There's no substitute for the convenience of a motor coach.

One motor coach removes 27 cars from the highway.

9.Safety. Safety. Safety.
Busses are the safest mode of transportation - bar none.

10.Try us again for the first time.
Today's motor coach is not the bus you went to school on.

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