Curves for Women


We just made if fast, fun & effective

An exclusive facility for women offering:
Quickfit the # 1 body fat reduction program
ever created & it only takes 30 minutes
a few times a week

Quickfit is a unique aerobic exercise system set to
music that strengthens muscles while burning fat

Fit & Slender, the first weight loss program designed around exercise

Also check out our on-site weight loss guidance

Curves for women

M-F   8a-1p and 3p-7p
Tel: 843-821-8821



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With eight different strength-training stations, Curves offers
a 30-minute workout program set to music that's guaranteed
to give you a total-body workout.

It's simple to learn, but its the toughest 30 minutes of your day

The exercise program and weight loss guide lines offered by Curves
are some of the safest and most effective in the industry

The hydraulic exercise stations prevent muscle injury,
and are rated 85% safer than free weights

The hydraulics are safer for wear and tear on your joints, and they're
safer for daily workout routines. With the hydraulics, you have what's
called a 'double positive motion' where you are working
all the opposing muscle groups

Plus our equipment doesn't leave you with the muscle soreness that you get from free weights At Curves we know the needs and wants of our customers and can personalize workouts for them

908 Bacon's Bridge Rd
Summerville, SC 29483


Palmetto Plaza
Bacon's Bridge Rd * 843-821-8821
Contact Kacey Philley at

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