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Autobiography, Jay Randolph

    I was born on January 20, 1959 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  At that time I had 2 sisters and one brother.  Several years later I got my second brother.  My father was a truck driver for Complete Auto Transit and my Mom stayed home to take care of us children.  I spent a lot of time living with other relatives, which made my childhood very rich.  I believe that this experience has shaped my beliefs as well as my personality.  It has made me realize that all people are different and what works with one person may not work with another.  It has made me truly belief that honesty is the best policy which is why my one message to everyone who knows me has always been " The right way is not always the easy way, but it is always the right way " .   Living in different parts of the country with different relatives has enhanced my appreciation of diversity and society.

    My interest are God, Wife, Family, Children and Friends.  I realize how vital support and understanding are to new experiences and situations.  I carry these beliefs with me since I was 10 years old.  I had considered myself a good Christian, but now realize I need to be much more.  Understanding Luke 9:23, I realize I must die to myself, and take up my cross daily.

I have been told I see things black or white, and they are right.

My name is Jay Thomas Randolph, as a child I was called James, or Jimmie.
My parents lived on West Fork Rd in Cincinnati, I went to Kirby Elementary, Schawb JR High, Loveland H.S., then Aiken High
I joined the Army in May of 78

I have several Diary's I have wrote and will add them as I find them



In Baton Rouge, LA after coming back from Laredo, TX



I am starting with a new trucking company, Arrow Trucking

Storm Lake, IA

Laredo, TX

Laredo, TX

Laredo, TX

Crescent City, FL

Crescent City, FL

Crescent City, FL

Crescent City, FL

Cokeville, WY

Cokeville, WY

Florence, KY

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Ormond Beach, FL

Ormond Beach, FL

Ormond Beach, FL



Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City, OK

Yellowstone, MT

Yellowstone, MT

Yellowstone, MT

Sacramento, CA

Seattle, WA

Gallup, NM

Springdale, AR

Kansas City, Kansas


Pecas, TX

Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, NY

Brownsville, WI

Brownsville, WI

Jonesboro, AR

Quincy, IL

Quincy, IL

Jonesboro, AR

Jonesboro, AR

Summerville, SC

Summerville, SC





Springfield, CO

Springfield, CO

Brookville, PA

Brookville, PA

Crescent City, FL

Crescent City, FL

Crescent City, FL

Crescent City, FL

Crescent City, FL

Crescent City, FL

Bedford, MA

Bedford, MA

Bedford, MA

Bedford, MA

Bedford, MA



Summerville, SC

Summerville, SC

Summerville, SC

Summerville, SC



Today my wife and I visit my mother and step father.  My step father was not feeling well however we had a nice visit.
My mother told me my ex-wife had told her about plans to meet me to bring back a lap top I had loaned my youngest daughter.  However it was interesting that my wife had made these plans before I or anyone else knew I would be visiting my mother.  
(What was the ex up to)

And then My mother told me how she thought I controlled my ex 
( Sure not what our friends thought : ) )

How could a mother know so little about one of her sons, or is it my fault for not sitting her down and giving her the facts?

I have tried many times, however there has always been some family crisis which seemed more important.

Checked out some places in Palm Beach, FL

Spent the day having fellowship with My Aunt Ruth & Uncle Howard

Housekeeping Day, Cleaned inside and outside of truck and got laundry done.

Went out to the 3 Banana Restaurant Debbie and I with Mom and Bill.  Nice restaurant and able to watch the lake and wildlife.
We talked about a houseboat there for sale  $49,995 which was actually a house on a boat, looked real red neck however I am sure somebody will buy it.  It was a nice evening for only $45

Stayed at the TA truck stop in Jacksonville after we bought a new CD player and this one filters out the bad language which is very good.

We enjoy our travels but nothing is as great as being home in Summerville, SC

My youngest daughter is married.  She has a daughter and another child on the way.  She has no way of getting online.  I loan her my laptop
and all she has to do is e-mail me the file I had on it and keep in touch with the family.  She agreed and told me she would get ahold of me in a day or 2.  A month and half later she still has not sent me the file, and she refuses to return my phone calls or e-mail.  My friends tell me all children are like this.  maybe because it is personal, but I think my daughters have always been very bright and responsible, so this behavior just seems very strange.
The file I have now re-wrote since I needed it  6 weeks ago.  I guess I will just have to be happy that she has a computer to get online with and maybe she soon will use it to stay in touch with the family

We are in York, PA

Tomsbrook, VA

Stopped in Mempis, TN at International to get some work done and to have a bug shield installed.  First the bug shield did not require holes to be drilled, and when they found out it did they took $60 off the price.  after waiting for about 3 hrs they told me the mecanic was going home, and they did not have the parts for the rest of the work and the night shift was already booked up, so I will have to come back, but that is life

Prescot, AR

Dallas, TX

Gulfport, MS

Stopped in Baton Rouge, LA to spend a day with my sister, her daughter, and her daughter's Daughter.
We went to the haunted park and spent a long time waiting in line to go on a hay ride, but it was ok because it gave us plenty of time to talk and meet some people.  Afterwards  Merisa, Debbie and myself went for a hot ballon ride.  It was neat

Got a call from Linda saying Merisa was upset we left before she woke, so I told merisa we would make it up to her

Crescent City, FL Stopped in to visit with Mom, Bill, Aunt Ruth and Uncle Howard.  Mom did not sound like she was having a good day so
we will have to visit with her next time

Uncle Howard had eye surgery and mom still not feeling well, so we will go home for a while

Summerville,SC - Its good to be home


Lugoff, SC stopped in to see my Trucker Buddy Class.  It was a 2 hr visit but we all had a good time, and the teacher took some pictures

11/05/05 - 11/07/05
Baton Rouge, LA -

Egan, LA -

Riceville, TN

Grayson, KY

Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN

Gallaway, AR - finally got bug shield installed




Baton Rouge, La - Arrow had no freight at Ft. Worth, TX so I moved to Baton Rouge to spend Thanksgiving with my sister Linda, her daughter Kelly, her daughter Marisia and my Aunt Leona.  Debbie went shopping with my sister while I stayed at the trailer and worked with the computer.

Baton Rouge, La - We had a great Thanksgiving Debbie & Linda did the cooking and we had a 20 lb turkey, ham, homemade mac & Chesse, mashed potatoes, dressing, 2 apple, 1 cherry and 1 pecan pie.  It was a very nice Thanksgiving.  I was not able to get ahold of my younger son and daughter, neither has given me a working phone number for them and neither reply to there e-mail, so I sent my baby girl a letter by snail mail.  I did get several dozen greetings from my trucker buddies.  Several of my sisters neighbors had nothing for thanksgiving, so we gave them all several plates of food.

Baton Rouge, La - Arrow still has no freight, Debbie and I bought Linda a diamond watch and a screen door for her sliding door, but the door was too big so we had to take it back

Baton Rouge, La - Arrow still has no freight.  Washed the truck and checked it over.  Debbie pulled everything out to do our fall cleaning

Baton Rouge, La - Day off.  Kicked back and took it easy. Helped Linda get set up with ICQ and she chated to a few of our friends.

Baton Rouge, La - Arrow still no freight but looks like we will have a load in the morning

Baton Rouge, La - load from Port Allen, LA to Maysville, KY.  Got a load going to KY so if I can contact Vanessa, I can spend a day or two with my granddaughter and perhaps take her shopping.  Stopped at International In Memphis, TN. they looked at bug shield and agreed they would replace it, however it will take a few days for them to get the part.  They should have the part 12/03/05, so I can come back anytime after that.

Connersville, IN - Stopped in Dayton, KY and left message on my ex wife answer machine, but never got a response. Got a load going from
Connersville, IN to Paragold, AR. Load had to be picked up at 20:00 hrs and when I got there they told me it was to be picked up in the morning, so I am detained here for at least 12 hrs.  It is supposed to snow in the morning so I hope to get out quick.

Connersville, IN - It is starting to snow and we are still waiting to get loaded


I guess at some time I will have to fill in the gap for the last 3 yrs



You can never tell what will set some people off.
I have a family member who has a daughter who is very smart, and does well in school.  Her Mom says she is only 17
I have chated with her through myspace for a little over a yr.  Then on 8/28 she sent a message to the Board titled F#@k You.

I replied to her "WOW!, I guess you had to be very angry to lower your self to this level "    
,she replied 
" someone said f--k obama."

So I explained to her that I liked a lot of what Obama says but when it comes to Abortion, I  could understand in cases of rape or medical situations a mother getting an Abortion, but not the use of Abortion as a Birth Control, and Obama has too little value on life.

The very next day I get this reply

" This is *^@#,  $@**#@'s mother. Don't chat with my daughter about "dead babies" what an illiterate thing to say. My daughter and I are pro-choice. We don't consider abortion the murder of babies, you are very very sick, don't talk to my daughter ever again. Stay away from my family, especially my daughter!!!!!! I mean it!!! "

Well my family by blood gets smaller, showing me just how special friends really are.

* * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * *


* * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * *






Revised: September 06, 2008 .

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10/11/06 Anekeny, IA _


July 4th, 2008

I am in Pittsburgh, PA
My younger Daughter, has 2 daughters who are very special to me.  I love them both very much and have tried hard to be part of there life, however the one my daughter has married refuses to support my daughter or her girls and since I disagree with that he does not want the girls with me.  I made a trip from Charleston, SC to Louisville, KY so I could spend a few days with my granddaughters and maybe my daughter.  This was planned for over a month, the day before I left I called my daughter and she said she may not be home in time.  After I got to Louisville, my ex wife was suppose to bring them down, but instead called and told me Vanessa's husband would not allow the girls to come down.

I sent my daughter an e-mail and told her this was the last time I was going to try and do something to be part of her or her daughters life.  I told Vanessa I hope this is really what makes her happy, and that the girls can come down or call me anytime
My wife Debbie is going through treatment for breast Cancer at this time, and I have my own health trouble, so we can not play these games.  We have some great children we provide Child Care for, and we are in the Foster Program, so we do have lots of children to care for, and who care for us. We treat these children like our Grandchildren. . . and would like so much for them to get to know our granddaughters, but that is up to my daughter. . . . or at least till they turn 18.

The most important thing in the world is to be a Christian and serving the Lord
Every person should do there best to always be honest.

I know everybody likes to have fun, but I hope you will right now promise me to never give your heart to someone who does not truely love you.  (( Now do you know what LOVE means ))

"LOVE" When you say I love you, it means they are more important to you than anything else
it means you would do anything to make them happy, and just being with them makes you happy . . . 

But you have to be very careful and make sure they love you, which means they fit the description above

My favorite hobby is girl watching (Never have I been unfaithful to the woman I lived with)

I was born James T Randolph, thanks to my Drill Sergeant in Basic I started going as J. Randolph in 1978, in 1982 I started using Jay Randolph and finally in 2002 I went to court and had it 
"Officially changed" to Jay T. Randolph

My favorite colour is Blue
I love animals, mostly is horses

I have facebook  http://www.facebook.com/pastor4sc

June 23, 2011- My Mom is staying with my older brother.  She is having poor health and needs lots of prayers.



Another year that my granddaughters from Kentucky will not be here for Christmas.
I hope Jazmine and Isis Hoffman along with everyone else has a Great and Wonderful Christmas
and I wish my son James luck with adding 3 babies to his family.  I am thankful for my children and my wife.  I am glad at least we will have 8 of our grandbabies here for Christmas

Some of my favorite movies are:

Dirty Dancing
Sixteen Candles
Blue Lagoon
Endless Love
The Notebook
Thinking of these I wonder if the movies I watched effected my desire for love, or did my desire for love effect the movies I liked?  Even now, I would rather watch a love movie with my wife than watch action movies or sports like most guys.