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Jay Randolph started working the Network in 1982 at Schofield Bks. in Hawaii and got out of the service in Nov of 84 to work the Internet on his own. Jay Randolph has spent most of his life in the Southern USA, and moved to South Carolina in 1996

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Well  I was on the road  for 5 yrs as over the road truck drivers and it was great.  I started with the flatbed, then the Reefer and finally moved on to dry van.

The last company I was with was Werner Enterprises, It was a great company, however I had to get off the road for my grandchildren.

I miss all the children from our trucker buddy classes, so I invite them all to write me,
or if your a teacher who would like someone to write your class contact me today at


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If you have any Questions for Jay Randolph, or perhaps spent anytime in the service with him at Ft. Jackson, Ft. Eustis, FT. Campbell, Schofield Bks., or Wheeler AFB, please drop a line to Jay Randolph


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There are many issues in life.  But some have made the issue of homosexuals  one of the most heard about. 

Even though there is less than 3% of the people in America
who follow the life of homosexuality it has been made a hot topic.

So for the record, I do not dislike homosexuals.  I have always been a gay person, and there seems to be more
homosexuals who are gay, or perhaps more that are willing to show they are gay. 

I am a Christian.  I love all of God's creations, and I spend my time sharing the word of God with everybody.


Leviticus 20:13

Romans 1:26-28

I follow the  truth of God's Word. It is one thing that will never 'change.  He gave us the truth of His Word which convicts us of the reality and guilt of our sin, and He gave us His Son Jesus who paid the full penalty for all our sins, by His grace through our faith in Him as we repent of our sin. 


Jay Randolph would like to hear from everyone who has known him as a

Soldier, Web Master, Motor Coack Operator, Pastor, Child Care Provider,

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