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 What you should know about Breast Cancer

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Our Country is in Trouble, We need Everybody on National Prayer Day
to Pray for America. 

Join us on the first of each month for National Prayer Day as we
Pray for Jobs, Health and Government in America.

Please take 10 minutes on the first to pray for America  

You can also join us at

or at National_Prayer_Day

When crossing the USA, remember that each state has its own traffic laws and regulations.

The speed limit in most states for cars is now 65 miles per hour  except where signs indicate slower speeds. Many drivers travel about 10 or 15 mph above the legal limit , however most travel only 5 mph over the legal limit and the police usually will not stop them.  Some areas have reduced speed limits for trucks and commercial vehicles, which gives motorist less time to respond when approaching a truck so be careful. 

Are you careless with your family?  Most vehicles risk there lives everyday cutting off a big rig.
Most drivers will cut in front of a big rig with only about 100ft clearance.  
Here are the facts on Big Rigs.

PERCEPTION DISTANCE: Length a rig travels from the time a driver see a hazard and the brain recognizes it is one second, or  at 60 mph about 88 feet.

REACTION DISTANCE: :Length a rig travels in the time it takes the brain to tell the foot to push the brake pedal is one second, or at 60 mph about 88feet.  ( that is about 176 feet, which is 76 feet past where most cars cut off big rigs before the brake is even applied)

BRAKING DISTANCE: Length it takes to stop a big rig once brakes are applied, or at 60 mph 450 feet, that is about 525 feet past where most drivers cut off big rigs.  
Anyone who cares about there lives or anyone else should never cut off a big rig with less than 6 seconds of space between them and a big rig.  Remember, at 60 mph a big rig needs about 626 feet to stop, which is the distance of over 2 football fields.

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The National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates the blooming of Washington, D.C.'s cherry trees, which were given by the people of Tokyo as a token of friendship.


People in the path of the March 29 solar eclipse are making preparations ranging from doomsday predictions to travel arrangements.


    Truckers News - NEWS -- the number one lifestyles magazine for over the road truckers.

    America's Trucking Newspaper -  articles and stories for the trucking industry and OTR drivers.

   Trucker News - News for Interstate Travelers and Truckers, Roadway conditions, news, truckstops, 
     rest areas, DOT links, United States and Canadian trucking ...

k driving jobs made simple


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Truckers' Christian Chapel Ministries

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