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"[To heal the earth] we must reinstate in our lives the ethic of love and respect for the Earth, which traditional peoples have retained as central to their value systems. This must be accompanied by a revitalization of the values common to all of the principal religious and philosophical traditions. Caring, sharing, cooperation with and love of each other must no longer be seen as pious ideals, divorced from reality, but rather as the indispensable basis for the new realities on which our survival and well-being must be premised."

Maurice Strong
Secretary General for the U.N. Conf. on Environment and Development

A huge number of people on this planet believe in God. Like me, they believe God is the Creator of all things. Some esteemed environmentalists feel that this belief in God—and, specifically, Judeo-Christian teachings—in the developed world are the root of all our environmental problems, since these teachings place humans above all else on the planet.

I understand the argument, but I don’t connect my faith with the destruction of anything. That’s like saying that the Crusaders were Christ-like in their actions, or that the Inquisition was God’s work. Man’s inhumanity to man, or the destruction of our natural systems, is not something condoned or supported by teachings of Jesus, the Bible or God.

In order to try and make sense of it all, I propose how  a conversation between the American people and Jesus may go? What would He tell us to do?

(AP- American People)

AP – Lord, based on what I read in the press or see on the TV, it looks like we are creating quite a mess of this world. You most certainly must be disappointed with us. What can we do to get things back in line with your plan?

Jesus – You don’t know what my plan is, so don’t assume I am unhappy. Don’t forget: I work in mysterious ways.

AP – But the problems, Lord, they seem daunting. How can we put all the pieces back together to re-create the beautiful home you have made for us?

Jesus – You cannot solve all problems. Do not focus on those things that are out of your control. They will consume too much of your time, taking you away from the important things in life, like the relationship with your God, supporting and caring for your family and caring for what I have created. Protect the part of the world that surrounds you. Do all that you can to ensure its health and security.

AP – Teacher, every day I read more and more about the global environment and the problems people are creating. I am concerned that if I don’t help solve the bigger problems, I will be unable to protect my part of the planet.

Jesus – The problems you describe have been here since the beginning of time. Do what you can without neglecting your responsibilities; the rest will be handled by me. Trust in me.

AP – Lord, many people believe that the environmental problems we face are a result of your Word. You have said that we are to have dominion over the planet and all of its creatures and that all of your creations are for our use. Some believe this to mean that you have given us the “green light” to do as we please without regard for their well-being. And that since you have taught us that we are only passing through, some take that to mean we do not have to care for the planet.

Jesus – I expect you to care for all things I have created. You must use the intelligence I have given you to ensure their safe-keeping. The foundation for all of this is my love for you and my love for all my creations. If you have this love too, you will care as much as I do.

AP – Teacher, I am just one person. What can I do?

Jesus – Love your God, love your neighbor, and be responsible for your actions. Learn how you affect the planet. Leave the earth in a better state than when you aAPived. Those coming after you will need a safe place to lay their heads. They will need healthy food to eat, clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe. Go. Do what you can.

AP – Lord, what can we do to please you?

Jesus – You must find better ways to care for my creations. When I created the world, I gave humans the fruits and vegetables, the grains in the fields. I also assigned people with the care of the animals. This has evolved beyond what I had originally intended. You need to change the way the animals are being treated. They do not deserve to be treated in this manner. They do not belong to you—they belong to me.

AP – Lord, what about the forests? They provide a great place for the animals to live, they carpet our hills and they clean our air. They also provide many great products we humans need, such as wood to build our homes, energy to keep us warm, paper to help us communicate and package our products, and even medicines to heal our bodies. How should we manage the forests?

Jesus – The forests are my creation. You must care for them as I would. Use what you need. Do not waste, and replace what you use. Again, I gave you intelligence so that you would be able to find a way to ensure proper care for all. You are not perfect, so you will make mistakes. Learn from them.

AP – Teacher, what should we do about the population of the earth? Many believe we are reaching a point of no return and the weight of the global population will devastate much of what you have created.

Jesus – I have said “be fruitful and multiply.” I want my creations to fill the land and sea with their presence. You are doing what I have asked. If you care for the planet the way I care for you, then all will be well. In a thousand years, the earth will be a remarkable place where all my creations will live in harmony. All will balance with time. You must have faith.

AP – Lord, some believe that we humans are the scourge of the earth and that we alone are the problem.

Jesus – Nonsense. I have been waiting hundreds of thousands of years for you to populate the earth and transform into what you are today. You are my children. You are becoming the beings I have always wanted you to become. With each passing year, you are doing more to support your fellow humans and more to care for the planet and its creatures. You are going in the right direction. Please, learn to work closer with those you might consider to be your enemies. Embrace them. Work with them to accelerate the changes that must happen.

Be clear about this: The current state of the planet is part of my plan. Concern for the environment is part of your journey. In order to solve these problems, you will have to learn how to work with your brothers and sisters from all over the planet. They all will be important contributors as you look for solutions. This will bring you all closer together. The path toward cooperation and communication based in love is the path I want you to walk. You will never get to where you need to be unless you go through these many trials. It’s all part of my plan. Have faith. Trust in me.

I tell you, the only thing that matters is that you love your God and love your brothers and sisters. If you do this, all will be right. Do not be discouraged; as a people, you will get to this point over time. But, again, do what you can to help those around you. Don’t worry about anything. All is working according to my plan.

I’m glad you are concerned about my creations. I have provided you with a very beautiful world with many wondrous things for you to enjoy. Live out your lives in peace and joy.

AP – Lord, thank you for your time.

Jesus – Time is relative. You are welcome.

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In Your Community

Earth Summit (Rio +10). Johannesburg, South Africa. Focus will be implementing Agenda 21. Topics include: globalization, poverty eradication, changing unsustainable patterns of consumption and production, health, energy, managing ecosystems and biodiversity, freshwater, finance and technology, initiatives for Africa, and international governance for sustainable development. Contact: Website: http://www.johannesburgsummit.org

 Riversymposium, "THE SCARCITY OF WATER - THE FUTURE OF RIVERS, THE FUTURE OF WATER". Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia. Topics include: dams, irrigation, water efficiency, climate change and rivers, tropical rivers, indigenous river management, institutional arrangements, design of water frontages, land use impacts and salinity, biodiversity targets, wild rivers. Contact: Tel: +61-7-3846-7444; Email: Selina Ward; Website; www.riverfestival.com.au

6th Annual Century of the Environment Conference. Rhinebeck, New York. The event is a celebration of our Earth, its unity and diversity, its interconnectedness, and its many cultures. It is a call to action for a new kind of leadership. $375. Contact: Omega Institute for Holistic Studies; Tel: 800-944-1001; Website: Conference Page

International Association for Landscape Ecology 15th Conference. University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. Avian Landscape Ecology: Pure and Applied Issues in the Large-Scale Ecology of Birds. Contact: Dan Chamberlain, 
Email: dan.chamberlain@bto.org;Website: http://www.iale.org.uk/avian1.html

Eighth International Symposium On Artificial Recharge. Adelaide, Australia. Water is precious. Managing water is a global challenge that impacts the environmental, social, economic and political cornerstones of our existence on Earth. Artificial recharge is an environment-friendly way to conserve water and to improve its quality. Contact: Hartley Management Group; 
Email: isar4@hartleymgt.com.au; Website: http://www.hartleymgt.com.au/isar4




Bringing Back the Forests: Policies and Practices for Degraded Lands and Forests. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. An international conference on solutions to rehabilitation challenges in the forests and grasslands of Asia and the Pacific. Contact: Mr Alias Abdul Jalil, APAFRI Secretariat; Tel: 6-03-6272-21496; Email: foreconf@apafri.upm.edu.my; Website: apafri.upm.edu.my/reconf/index.html

October 10-13 - Society of Environmental Journalists. Baltimore, Maryland. The 16th national conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists, hosted by the University of Maryland. Contact: Beth Parke, executive director, PO Box 27280, Philadelphia, PA 19118-0280; Tel: 215-884-8008; Fax: 215-884-8175; Email: sej@sej.org; Website: http://www.sej.org/confer.

International Conference On Urban Hydrology. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The theme for this meeting is "Induced Problems in Urban Environment Requiring Holistic Solutions for the New Millennium." Contact: Hj. Mohd. Nor Bin Hj. Mohd; Tel: +603-4255-2507; Fax: +603-4256-1894; 
Email: htckl@pop.moa.my; Website: http://htc.moa.my/htc/icuh2002/icuh2002.html

October 16-18 - 14th Annual Environmental Management Forum Hilton Bonavanture; Montreal, Canada. Leaders in Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) practices will be presenting key information on the future of EHS management, sustainability, and tools and technologies. Contact: Robb Fish Tel: 202-986-6616; Website: at www.naem.org  

  October 29- November 1 - Bishkek Global Mountain Summit. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The summit will be the feature event of the International Year of Mountains, drawing together the ideas and recommendations generated by previous events into proposals for concrete action. Contact: Andrei Iatsenia; 
Email: iatsenia@unep.ch; Tel: 41-22-9178273; Fax: 41-22-917-80-36; Website: Event Page

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 anything in your community that effects the water or health of families, please send it to us so we can post it in this section 

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