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A Prayer for The Christian Home Maker:

Dear Precious Father,

Help me today to be friendly. From the time I wake up until I go to
bed guide my tongue, my actions, and my thoughts towards all others
into only the friendliest of tones. Lord, let me use the full extent
of the definition for "friendly" in my life today...
1. Affectionate and trusting. May I bless my husband with loving
affection on any chance I get. Whether it is as simple as pulling the
covers over him as he is sleeping or as complicated as figuring out
the right way to respond to what he is telling me... make me the
affectionate wife You meant for me to be. Teach me this affection
with my precious children. May I hug, love on and openly cherish them
more than I nag, scold, or criticize! May this affection overflow
from our family to every one who enters our warm home. I long to be
trusting, Lord, as Your Word instructs... I ask for Your help in
trusting... trusting that my husband is the man You want him to be
right now, trusting that Your Word is always true and the answer to
everything, trusting that the right actions on my part will produce
good fruit in this difficult but rewarding thing called marriage.
Trusting... trusting that my children will make it through my many
faults and failures to become the adults You already know they'll
be... trusting in You instead of in me.

2. Helpful - tending to be beneficial or favorable to somebody or
thing. This word seems so simple, my Lord! So basic and simple and
easy... but it's not so, is it? Not for me always, I know... Let
today be different. Let today be one huge opportunity to helpful...
to be beneficial in every way I can! I look forward to this
challenge, Lord! I long to joyfully become the helping, helpful,
beneficial, favorable wife, mother and woman that You call me to be!
If there is anything I can do this day to help my husband in any
way... reveal this/these to me so that I can go about getting them
done! If there is a need or desire he hasn't expressed but You know
to be there... share it with me and like a surprise party we can work
together to do this task that he didn't even know I knew of! Show me
ways, sweet Father, to be the same for my children. If they have a
need to be met... guide me each step in meeting it. If they are
struggling with anything... fears, chores, attitudes, --- anything...
help them through me. Help them with my hands and with my heart.

3. On the same side - not antagonistic toward or in conflict with
another. This is another one that should be easy... another thing
that should be automatic and sure. Once again with me, Lord, it isn't
always the case. Oh, I claim it! I claim that it is us against the
world, that we are a team, that we are always on the same side ---
but too often I don't live it : (. Too often I will make decisions on
my own before even thinking of asking my husband HIS view until I
have already decided on it. Much too often I will see things his way
and my way instead of our way. All too often I will allow an
argument/disagreement to place us on different side. Forgive me,
Father, and help me today to keep us all as one! Let me not
antagonize if I am frustrated by making little comments or thinking
in my head "I told you so". Help me today to remain on the same side
as my kids on every issue we face.

Not on the side of someone else's opinion or thoughts but us all...
on the same side and together. Help me to teach them this now ---
that we are all in this thing together so that they can grow up to
keep their families bonded this way one day. Allow no conflict to
separate us, Father... none is worth that!

4. Pleasant and welcoming - with a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.
This one is such a passion of mine! Oh, King of my soul, You know how
much I love to put this one into practice. I know I fall down and
fail far more than I begin to stand and succeed but it is in my heart
to try! Okay, Lord... today I pray that I will be enjoyable! That my
home will be enjoyable! You can help me, Lord, for I have it not on
my own to provide this joy that they can take part in at all times.
When they wake up, Father, fill them with joy! When I serve them
breakfast, however hurried we might be --- help me to make it
enjoyable:). Make my nature good... let my entire demeanor speak of
happiness, peace and goodness so that it will pour out on my loved
ones. Oh, Father - that I could serve you by creating and
establishing a WELCOME home! Welcome for my dear and precious family
as well as every beautiful, familiar and not recognized face that
graces our doorstep. Train me, Lord! Please train me to receive
gladly each and every person I am blessed to love and care for. Make
my home - my home that is really Your home - a place my
husband delights in. Instruct me in every way so that he can be
blessed by every moment he is here. Make my children glad to be home,
glad to be with us and glad to help keep our focus on You and in
serving others. Let us gladly and generously welcome each other into
each new day, with each meal partaken, each time shared together,
each close of the day. May each soul rest in the knowledge that they
are eagerly and delightfully accepted... accepted for who they are in
YOU, accepted in complete and total love. May we answer each need in
welcoming grace as opportunities to learn more of what You would have
us do. Show us how to freely love and show love never expecting
anything in return. Just as You have always done for us. Just as Your
Son did on that cross. He gave everything and expected nothing in
return. He loved without condition and in spite of them. May we only
strive today and each day coming to follow His prime example of
friendliness, affection, trust, helpful, pleasant, and welcoming.

In the Name of Christ, the Name above all names, King above all Kings,
beautiful Lord, Jesus Christ... Amen.

This writing was based on Proverbs 18:1: "An unfriendly man pursues
selfish ends; he defies all sound judgment" (NIV)
And definitions for "friendly", "pleasant", and "welcoming" taken
from: http://dictionary.msn.com/


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