Frequently Asked Questions

Who can have service with you?

Everybody who has not been charged with doing anything harmful to children.

If you have been charged with doing something harmful with children, I can meet you somewhere else.

We are open to all faith, or no faith, we ask you to come check it out


What time are your service?

Sunday at 3pm and Thursday at 7PM, and we are open to setting other times if those do not work for you.

We are new, and we are small, so we are very flexible.


How can I contact you?

I am at 4501 Jenwood Street of the Woodside Manor neighborhood

E-mail Pastor Jay

SC Wedding Chapel
4501 Jenwood Street
Ladson, SC 29456

PH: (843) 259.7581

URL: www.ra2.biz


What is a Christian?

80% of the people in America say they are Christians, and about 20% go to church. . . So what is a Christian?

1 They Love God above all else. (even football)
2 Have undying faith in God. (never doubt him)
3 Love others as you love yourself.(love everybody)
4 Do good. (we glorify God by being good)
5 Follow Jesus Christ 
(watch what you say, see, and do, is it Christ-like)
6 Don't judge others.
(speak the Word of the Bible, let them make the choice)
7 Read your Bible and pray daily. (close relationship with Christ)
8 Keep on giving God your "ALL".
(do what you can, give the rest to God)
9 Tell everyone your testimony (share what God has done for you)
10 Remember Jesus died for you. (there is no greater love)